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9/26/2020:   I didn't sign up for a gallery show this year because of uncertainty
about how the gallery would operate under Covid. Now it is the end of the season and
the island is full of folks trying to enjoy what's left of the summer they missed. So, I have
a pop-up show at the Spring Street Gallery that will run through Cloumbus day.

Here's the blurb that goes with the show:

For the last year I’ve been painting “beach seeps”, places where, especially after a good rain,
intermittent streams from above or underground come out at the base of the Mohegan bluffs. 
I’ve enjoyed their surprising shapes, their colors and textures, and their elusiveness.
(since our August drought they’ve disappeared). 

The process and the value of painting for me is like the beach seeps - ephemeral & largely
subterranean, squeezed out from an old context that itself is always changing,
but often too slowly for us to realize from day-to-day.

The bad news: with colleges open and students doing their thing, Rhode Island has again
been listed by our neighboring states as a place not to visit. 

At least, I hope that the images posted here will give you an idea of what I've been up to.
                                                     - Jerry
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